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i-love-you-ny: How do you keep up with all the new fashion trends and all the runway shows and all the new collections? How are you so on point on every fashion trend! You are a true fashionista!

What a fun question. My answer is like… way too long. 

I have way too much time to kill online. I have a few blogs that I frequent daily. They include,, and ALWAYS pinterest. Pinterest is my favorite way to get fashion inspiration. 

Also- I am NOT ON POINT with EVERY fashion trend. That would be too hard, too expensive and too wasteful. Trends change. And most trends are made for models who are 30 lbs thinner than me and 4 inches taller. So the best thing you can learn is what trends work for you and which trends don’t. 

The other trick/what I do is I rarely buy clothes from new/trendy stores. I love a cheap shirt or skirt from Forever 21, but I would say about 70% of my wardrobe and 95% of the “cool” or “fashionable” things I have are used/vintage. If I can buy an old dress that is still fashionable or cute now- then it will be cute forever. And those pieces feel SPECIAL to me because I FOUND them. When a store only has one of each piece, it feels special to find a gorgeous top. My favorite things are old vintage tops I found for less than ten bucks. These pieces are also more versatile and more flattering than clothes from shops in the mall. 

The other thing you can do to make you look fashionable is mix pieces! Mix cheap and expensive. Mix new and old. Mix comfortable and luxe. For new years eve, I wore a 7 dollar work out tank top with a sequined pencil skirt and a bunch of chunky costume jewelry. 

Pattern/texture mixing is also a great way to look more fashionable than you are. And the trick to that is- THERE IS NO TRICK! Go on pinterest and find inspiration. When it works, it works! And it almost always works. 

But more to the point of your question- I’m not super interested in the collections. They’re not a great representation of what is current. Their purpose is to predict the future of fashion. I think of runway shows as a theatrical/heightened version of trends. Pick and choose what to follow on the runway. But it is fun to look at them all! Designer shows are artwork. 

I think the BEST WAY to stay up to date, current and fashionable is to read fashion blogs- especially street fashion blogs. 

Also- it’s so easy to stay up to date and get inspired when you live in New York City. It really is the fashion capitol of the world and it’s so easy to stay on top of it when you can walk down the street and be surrounded by trendsetters. And then every once and a while- you FEEL like a trendsetter. 

I think the reason I dress to impress is because I’m shy. That’s why I wear conversation starters. I don’t know how to start the conversation on my own.

Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier 

Hated this at first glance, but something changed and now I’m in love with it. Really romantic and styling is spot on. Wish she had picked up the purple color for the shoe instead of the orange, but at least they’re not tan! Makeup is perfection! 


Best of the night. Best of the season. Best of my life. 

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Roberto Cavalli

One of the best of the night. Shutting it down! 

Lena Dunham for VOGUE

(In Burberry Prorsum, Prada, Celine) 

Hope she takes away from this photoshoot how amazing she can look with a stylist and a hair and makeup team. She looks gorg. (But I would be curious to see these photos before they were retouched…)

madhereweallare: Dear Maddy, when you get down on yourself or struggle in the acting business what would you say inspires or motivates you to get back up and keep going? From: a struggling actress about to embark on her college auditions

This is such a great question! 

This happens to me… Daily. When you’re in a profession where you are required to face constant competition and rejection, it can really wear on your confidence. 

Here is a list of some things that keep me motivated: 

1. My friends/family. And I mean REAL friends. People who love you no matter your mood, no matter your state of mind. People who think you are wonderful. And people you feel the same way about. It’s kind of amazing what a chat with a best friend can do. You need outside eyes to add perspective to your life. Our problems can seem so big and it’s always helpful to have a friend to tell you you are doing fine, and that you are awesome! Life is fucking hard and it’s much easier when you have people to help you figure it out. 

2. Finding other hobbies/interests/outlets. If your whole world is performing, you will be miserable. Especially in New York. If you work, audition, work, audition- and do nothing else- that’s going to be a depressing life. Find other things you love doing to focus your energy on. And this can be anything! I love fashion, so I started this blog. I also could spend hours on websites like and pinterest, finding fashion inspiration! I also love working out. That’s been a GREAT source of positive energy in my life. And sometimes it’s the only constant in my life. If I wake up with nothing to do all day, having that one thing that I know I’m going to NAIL can really help me get out of bed! And it’s also something we have TOTAL control over. That’s another thing I struggle with in this business- so much of it is out of our hands. But I am totally in control of what I do with my time! And I’m totally in control of my workouts. And I ALWAYS nail them! You’re never sorry you worked out. You never wished you hadn’t. Right?? 

3. This one’s going to sound crazy, but sometimes when I’m REALLY desperate, I go watch videos of myself that I’m proud of. Or I look at photos of a fun time. Sometimes you can really get so low, that you have to be reminded that you are awesome. Maybe watch the video of your 5th grade talent show when you rocked that number you did! Or look at photos from a really awesome vacation you took. I will totally go to youtube and watch videos of myself that I am proud of. I know that makes me sound like a total lunatic, but it actually works. Don’t knock it til you try it! 

4. Read a book! I love reading books to improve my life. Books on meditation, books on positivity, books on health, books that make me laugh. But sometimes committing to a book can feel overwhelming, so I turn to subscriptions for Women’s Health and Psychology Today. I’m obsessed with magazines. I still dog- ear pages and tear out ones I want to keep. 

5. When all else fails- eat dessert. Sometimes it’s just worth it. Chocolate literally causes the brain to release endorphins- chemicals that make us feel good. So… yeah. Chocolate. 

Menswear For Women - THEN 

Rosie, Amelia, Coco, Marlene, Katharine, Diane

My absolute favorite trend is a forever and always one. 

bowerybeauty: I just want to let you know that your lipstick game is so strong. Any tips?

MAC! All the way!
Also, at any given time, I’m wearing up to like four colors at once. I love mixing until I get what I want.

I just got “film noir” for Christmas. Love it. Also love their viva glam line. Also love their mineral lipstick “lush life”.

(Bonus! H and M lipstick crayons are my new obsession. They’re five bucks and the color is super pigmented and they go on really smooth. Love them!)


I know I probably stand alone on this one, but I think Kerry Washington, who is often referred to as a “fashionista”, is a total HACK! I’m sorry, but she consistently chooses hideous clothes, styles them poorly, and is sloppy with her hair and makeup. She’s undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the moment and it seems that she has a love for fashion, but I just do NOT agree with her taste. Ever. I applaud her for taking chances, but I can’t deal with some of the ugly ass shit she rolls out onto the red carpet.

I had about 10 other pictures to include, but tumblr only allows ten. So here are ten of the worst of the worst. Sorry, girl.